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Battle Childhood Cancer & Blood Disorders with a TMJ4 MACC*Star

TMJ4 has been an integral media partner since 1987, spearheading the annual holiday program called TMJ4 MACC*Star, which features artwork from a local child battling cancer or a related blood disorder. Every MACC*Star features a limited edition brightly colored design on a porcelain ornament which is sold for $10 each (sales tax included) to benefit the MACC Fund.

The 2021 MACC*Star was designed by 11 year old Mailee Francis of Brown Deer, WI. She was diagnosed with T1-lymphoma at age 9. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of her medical team and research supported by the MACC Fund (and you!), she is doing great and will be ending her treatments soon! Mailee is a big sister to two siblings, Blake (5) and Kaylee (3). She loves nature, riding her bike, cooking/baking, swimming, and spending time with her friends.

These make the perfect gift for family, friends, customers, teachers, clients and business associates. The MACC*Stars are known to sell out, so get yours before they disappear! Want to buy the gift that keeps on giving to keep battling cancer?



December 1, 2021
Until inventory runs out



Online or…
At any Balistreri owned Sendik’s Food Markets and Spargo Salon.



$10 (sales tax included) plus shipping costs when ordering online



To purchase 2018 & previous years MACC Stars, please email us today

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