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Climb the Hill

Kids v Cancer Youth Advocacy Initiative

The MACC Fund has partnered with Kids v Cancer to bring the Climb the Hill advocacy initiative to Wisconsin in a virtual format! The event is open to kids/adolescents, ages 9 through college, who are patients, survivors, siblings, and friends affected by childhood cancer.

Kids v Cancer will set up Zoom meetings with Congressional offices for kids to educate Senators, Representatives, and their staff by sharing their stories of pediatric cancer. Their unique experiences make them the experts on how proposed policy, legislative, or regulatory change could impact children with cancer. Kids are powerful and lawmakers and their staff listen.

Training Day (6/14): Kids v Cancer will train kids via Zoom on:

  • The legislative process
  • What pediatric cancer bills are before Congress
  • How to tell their stories and how to conduct a professional meeting

Climb the Hill Day (6/18): Kids v Cancer will provide kids with a schedule and links to Zoom meetings that have been set up with Members of Congress. Led by youth advocates, the group of kids will conduct their meetings without adult chaperones, yet they will have plenty of support. Youth Advocates who have extensive experience and training in Climb the Hill days will tell their stories, help other kids tell their stories, answer policy questions, and document the meetings for Kids v Cancer staff. This creates a space for Members of Congress and their staff to have a direct and authentic meeting with kids who are powerful, articulate and have something to say.

Kids who participate in this youth advocacy initiative report that the experience is a powerful one for them. But that isn’t the reason Kids v Cancer runs this program. They send kids to advocate for pediatric cancer for the simple reason that kids are the most effective advocates for this cause!

Only 2% of all bills introduced into Congress are passed into law. Kids v Cancer has championed two laws so far and is now working on a third. Their secret weapon is kids who know about pediatric cancer and who ask Congress to care.

Click here for more information and videos about the program!



Virtual Training: June 14, 2024

Advocacy Day: June 18, 2024



Virtual Training: 1:00 – 2:00PM

Advocacy Day: TBA



Zoom Call



Email Jennifer Flynn at with interest or questions

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