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The MACC Fund HOPE Team

Annual Giving

Join the MACC Fund’s HOPE Team with an annual donation for childhood cancer research.

Every Penny Counts.  Every Donation Matters.

More than 47 kids are diagnosed with cancer every day, and not every story has a happy ending.  1 out of 5 kids will not survive their battle with cancer.  Let’s get the cure rate to 100%…because every child battling cancer or a blood disorder is someone’s child, someone’s sibling, someone’s friend.

Your annual donation to the MACC Fund helps us provide critical funding for childhood cancer and related blood disorder research.  Many kids who win the fight often have other life-long side effects caused by treatment. Your donation gives hope to kids battling these terrible diseases. Let’s work together to beat childhood cancer.

The MACC Fund HOPE Team is an annual giving platform for individuals and corporations looking to make a yearly contribution to help kids fighting cancer and blood disorders! Individuals and corporations who join the MACC Fund HOPE Team are intimately connected to the MACC Fund and impactfully helping fulfill the mission to find a CURE for childhood cancer and blood disorders by providing funding for research.

Annual gifts from donors and corporate partners play a significant role in the ability to plan and fund research.  When the MACC Fund is able to accurately forecast funding in the near term (five year window) to our medical partners at Children’s Wisconsin, the Medical College of Wisconsin, UW Carbone Cancer Center, and the Marshfield Clinic; they are in turn able to decisively plan for the best use of the funds, yielding the largest impact on cure rates.

As part of the MACC Fund HOPE Team, you are helping create a world where kids battling cancer and blood disorders are treated better, safer, and faster.  You are helping SAVE LIVES.  Over the next five to seven years, the MACC Fund has committed to two major research acceleration projects being conducted at the UW Carbone Cancer Center, and jointly at Children’s Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin.  The scope of the projects will heavily focus on immunotherapy and its potential to radically change the way cancer is treated.  Reliable annual funding is key to fulfilling our commitment to the hospitals and most importantly, the kids battling cancer.  Specifically, the annual funding will support as follows:

Children’s Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin

  • Foundational Research Development and Infrastructure
    • Advance the robust, multi-faceted research organization to accelerate therapeutic development from concept to laboratory evaluation to clinical trial and outcomes assessment, by investing in people, programs, and vital infrastructure.
  • Acceleration of Discoveries and Cures
    • Grow the high-impact discovery science focused on immunotherapy, genetics, and epigenetics where early findings can lead to remarkable research opportunities to advance therapies.
  • Innovative Healthcare Delivery Leading to Improved Outcomes
    • Creation of new methods of healthcare delivery that optimize the duration and quality of life for pediatric patients following treatment, through research and evaluation of long-term health consequences of therapies.

The University of Wisconsin’s Carbone Cancer Center

  • Accelerate ‘bench to bedside’ treatments for cancer through ‘Applied Immunotherapy’
    • Dramatically expand research impact and portfolio by securing a host of cutting-edge lab equipment, biological and radioactive agents, antibodies, clinical researchers & fellows, open state of the art trials, biostatistical support, and much more.
    • Four primary fields of immunotherapy focus to expedite
      • Expansion of the utility and applicability of CAR T Cells
      • Activation and Expansion of NK and Gamma Delta T Cells
      • In Situ Cancer Vaccines
      • Immunotherapy combined with targeted radiotherapy

The revolution of immunotherapy in recent years has presented an opportunity to treat kids better, safer, and faster—but much more work needs to be done.  Treating kids through applied immunotherapy may potentially not only cure them of cancer but allow for a significantly improved quality-of-life post treatment, avoiding harmful protocols like radiation and chemotherapy.  Your participation as a MACC Fund HOPE Team member WILL help the MACC Fund achieve these outcomes and ultimately find a CURE once and for all.

Meet the MACC Fund HOPE Team

$250 Level

$500 Level

Nollenn & Maddelynee Tabaska
Kelly Moran
Andrea & Scott Nelson
Kylia and Scott Kummer
Lawrence Howards MD
James Meach

$1,000 Level

Gayle & Bill Denton
Lynn & Charlie Bielawski
Brian & Amy Petersdorf
Cheryl Chapman
Eddie Doucette Family
Larry & Jan Barbera
Kathy & Dan Beers
Flannery Family
Jan Lennon
McGlocklin Family
Pam & Stuart Schroeder
Robert A Schultz, Jr.
Marjorie Singer
Corinne & John Steinmiller
Beth & David Wilmoth
Ted & Noelle Rulseh

$2,000 Level

Abatto Family Charitable Fund

$3,000 Level

The Kort Family
Carol Gehl

$5,000 Level

Jean & Greg Klimek
Rod & Patricia Petersen
Nicholas Family Foundation
Family of Robbie Rexhausen
Marlene King Burris
Joyce Kuehl
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