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What is the MACC Fund?

The Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC Fund) was founded on the court of the Milwaukee Buck’s during halftime on December 10, 1976, the eve of Jon McGlockin’s retirement.

The MACC Fund is the brainchild of Eddie Doucette and Jon McGlockin, and was created to raise critical funding for childhood cancer research after Eddie Doucette’s, the Milwaukee Buck’s Broadcaster, son was diagnosed with Leukemia.

To date, the MACC Fund has raised over $57 million dollars for childhood cancer and related blood disorder research.

The MACC Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

What is the MACC Fund’s mission?

The MACC Fund’s mission, with your help, is to find a cure childhood cancer and related blood disorders by providing critical funding for research.

How does the MACC Fund raise funds?

Our donations come from several sources, but the majority of the donations (75%) come from special fundraising events benefitting the MACC Fund with the remaining 25% coming from individual and corporate donations.

How much money has the MACC Fund raised?

Since it’s inception in 1976, the MACC Fund has contributed over $65 million dollars to childhood cancer and related blood disorder research.

What type of research does the MACC Fund support?

The MACC Fund supports a wide-variety of childhood cancer and related blood disorder research with a large focus on translational research.

Translational research applies findings from basic science to enhance human health and well-being. It aims to “translate” finding in fundamental research (i.e. biology) into medical and nursing practice to produce meaningful health outcomes, also known as “bench-to-bedside”. This type of research can include laboratory experiments through clinical trials, production of new dugs, devices, and treatment options for patients.

Additionally, our scientific advisory board, made up of widely respected and leading pediatric oncology and hematology practitioners from around the US – oversees and evaluates the work of the researchers and clinicians that we support as well as conduct biannual site reviews of research facilities, give advice on new funding programs and policies, and review grants to ensure we fund the best childhood cancer and blood disorder research.

Who does the MACC FUND support?

The MACC Fund supports a wide-variety of pediatric cancer and blood disorder initiatives but we’re mainly focused on supporting three main facilities and cancer-centers in Wisconsin:

Medical College of Wisconsin
MACC Fund Research Center

Children’s Wisconsin
MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center
MACC Fund Pediatric Cancer Research Wing

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Does the MACC Fund support research initiative outside of Wisconsin?

The MACC Fund raises critical funds to support research for childhood cancer and related blood disorders. While the majority of funds are allocated and focused on research right here in Wisconsin, from time-to-time, we support research projects through grants outside of Wisconsin at the discretion of our Scientific Advisory Board.

How does the MACC Fund’s spending on administrative costs compare with that of similar groups?

Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator obtains information on charities from the IRS Form 990, which we file with the federal government. Charity Navigator uses a uniform rating system for all charities, applying formulas to numbers derived from Form 990. They look at two primary categories: organization efficiency and organizational capacity. The current Charity Navigator for MACC Fund in those categories can be viewed here*.

The MACC Fund is a 4 Star Charity – Charity Navigator’s highest rating.

Please rest assured that the MACC Fund takes the resources given to us by donors and via fundraising very seriously. We are committed to fighting childhood cancer and related blood disorders by providing critical funding for research. If you have concerns or further questions about our finances, we will be glad to talk to you about them.

Does the MACC Fund have volunteer opportunities?

Yes, the MACC Fund has a wide-variety of volunteer opportunities for people who share our passion to help kids battling cancer. From helping at events, school fundraisers, administrative work and outreach – we have something for you.

If you’re interested in donating your time & talent, click here

Do you have opportunities for organizations and corporations to partner with the MACC Fund?

Yes. Partnerships are key to the success of the MACC Fund. Our partnerships are mutually beneficial that are designed to support business-building objectives and demonstrate corporate social responsibility, while the MACC Fund gains increased public awareness and funding.

There are several way that you can get involved and support the MACC Fund:

  • Develop a corporate relationship
  • Support our existing corporate partners
  • Ask your employers if they have an Employee Matching Program and if the MACC Fund meets their criteria.

How do I claim the tax deduction for my donation to the MACC Fund?

The MACC Fund issues tax receipts for gifts over $10 and no special claim form is needed. In accordance with the IRS regulations, we credit the entity listed on the check or credit card used in making the donation as the actual donor.

Why is my donation to the MACC Fund tax-deductible?

As a nonprofit organization, the MACC Fund is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, making your contributions to the MACC Fund tax deductible.

When should I make a tax-deductible donation to the MACC Fund.

To make a donation to the MACC Fund that you can deduct from your taxes for the current year, you’ll want to donate to the MACC Fund by December 31st.

How do I change my address?

Please email your address changes to >< or mail your correct address to:

ATTN: Donor Services
City, State, Zip

Please note that changes to your mailing preferences, changes of addresses or removal from mailing lists may take up to two mailing cycles to come into effect.

How can I contact the MACC Fund?

The MACC Fund is known as an organization that is relational. Whether you prefer to talk on the phone, communicate via email or want to send us a note, we’re here to LISTEN and HELP.


10000 W. Innovation Dr.
Suite 135
Milwaukee, WI 53226

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