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Living with Sickle Cell SS: Jaden’s Story

When her son Jaden was just 3 years old, Deanna received a call from the hospital that Jaden had tested positive for Sickle Cell SS. From that point on, the family lived with an edge of anxiety never knowing when Jaden might have a pain crisis; if his temperature reached a certain point Jaden had to be seen by doctors at the MACC Fund Clinic and he was admitted nearly every winter throughout his childhood. Thankfully Jaden was put on Hydroxyurea, which helps to prevent the formation of sickle-shaped red blood cells and went three years without any hospitalizations.

Jaden is now 15 years old and a sophomore in high school; he still receives check-ups every three months at the MACC Fund Center and continues to experience pain as a result of Sickle Cell SS. His mom Deanna tries to look on the bright side and says she is grateful for the small moments, “Our family is doing well. As long as he’s healthy and happy, we are too. We truly are blessed and never take a good day for granted.”

Research into Sickle Cell SS as well as childhood cancer can provide a better life for our children, meaning kids like Jaden can live a life free of pain. We at the MACC Fund will continue to fund research until we can find a cure for these diseases and provide 100% quality of life to patients.

Learn more about Jaden, his family, and Sickle Cell SS in this interview with his mother Deanna.


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