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What the MACC Fund Means to Me

Growing up, I had no exposure to childhood cancer or related blood disorders. My first encounter was brief: the summer going into my freshman year of college.  I was selected to participate in the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association All-Star game. Part of being on the team was to raise money for the MACC Fund. During this process, we had the opportunity to learn about the MACC Fund and what the organization based in the Milwaukee area was working to accomplish. Looking back, I knew the money raised was for an important cause, but I did not have an appreciation or understanding of what the MACC Fund was trying to achieve or what it meant to others until I crossed paths with it again.

Fast forward over a decade and I have seen firsthand the power of hope through research and the amazing work being done by the MACC Fund. After seeing and experiencing what is being accomplished and meeting various individuals associated with the MACC Fund, I had to be a part of it. That is why I joined the MACC Fund Emerging Leaders Board.

The MACC Fund is based out of the Milwaukee area, yet I live and work in Green Bay. My involvement with the MACC Fund shows the organization has a far greater reach than Southeastern Wisconsin. You realize this when you read stories or meet families from all over the state and country that have received or are currently receiving treatment at the MACC Fund Clinic. The consistent message in all the stories and conversations are how thankful individuals and families feel that the MACC Fund exists and how fortunate we are for it to be in Wisconsin.

When someone close to you receives a cancer or blood disorder diagnosis, you quickly learn the dollars the MACC Fund raises have an enormous impact on the lives of those kids, teenagers and young adults going through treatments. The dollars raised are working towards 100% quality of life survival for patients. Children, teenagers, and young adults going through endless pokes, chemo and radiation deserve a life after treatment that is full of joy and simply being a kid. That is why I wanted to be a part of the MACC Fund ELB and hopefully play a small part in accomplishing that goal.

I cannot write or talk about the MACC Fund without mentioning the individuals at Children’s Wisconsin working in the MACC Fund Clinic. A family that has someone receiving treatment in the MACC Fund Clinic is part of a club no one wants to be a part of, but the support and care the nurses, doctors, child life and the entire staff on that floor provides is second to none. They ease the weight of the unknown journey ahead.

As someone who has slept too many nights to count (if a night nurse is reading this they may argue I slept very well) and walked the halls endlessly on the MACC Fund floor, I can say without a doubt this organization is worth any time, talent or dollars you can commit to help find the cure for childhood cancer and blood disorders.

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-Marc Leisgang, MACC Fund Emerging Leaders Board

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