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Celebrating National Volunteers Week

April 19th– 25th is National Volunteers Week, and we wanted to take the time to celebrate our amazing volunteers. Without volunteers our work wouldn’t be possible and we want to thank them for their dedication to our mission. Now meet some of the volunteers who work so hard to help us raise funding for childhood cancer and related blood disorders research and learn more about why they choose to volunteer with the MACC Fund.

Katie K.

“I volunteer with the MACC Fund because of my cousin’s son, Ethan, and seeing how important research is in treating children’s cancer. He would not be here if it were not for the research being done for treatments for childhood cancer. The hope the MACC Fund gives kids and families through funding research is inspiring.”

Patty S.

“I want to volunteer for the MACC to show my gratitude and support for all the hard work they are doing to find a cure for childhood cancer! Thanks to the treatment given by Dr. Margolis and the HOT unit, my grandson Jay is a two-time cancer survivor!! We need to find a cure for these dreadful childhood cancers. This is one way I can help the fight.”

Michael S.

“It means a lot to be able to offer my time to volunteer for the MACC Fund. Not only do I feel like I’m contributing to such a good cause that affects so many of us and our loved ones, but I feel like I’m making a real impact in my community.”

Apryl M.

“I volunteer for the MACC Fund because I have seen and heard what the organization does to support the little ones battling cancer every day. I have had family members battle cancer and I cannot even imagine what a child must go through to fight every day.”

Robert S.

“I actually first got involved with the MACC Fund back in the late 1970’s when the MACC Fund was in its earliest years. My college had a cancer fund-raising ski event and the MACC Fund was the recipient of the proceeds. The MACC Fund team helped us in every way in the organization and execution of an exceptionally successful event. Several year later my family lost a little cousin to cancer, and the MACC Fund sent an athlete to visit him at Children’s hospital – it gave him great joy in his last days. It was back then that I decided when I had more time in my retirement years, I would volunteer with the MACC Fund.

I have been volunteering for several years now. Besides enjoying every minute of the events, the MACC Fund has gotten me involved in, I feel good knowing that I am helping in my own little way. The MACC Fund is just an exceptional organization providing funding and services to young children and their families who are experiencing some real difficulties in life struggling with a terrible disease. Volunteering has been amazing; I am treated like I am one of the MACC Fund family and I am delighted to be considered part of that team!”

Michelle C.

“I am fortunate to have two healthy children who are now adults. Having worked at the Medical College of Wisconsin for five years, when I would walk through Children’s Hospital and see the children and their families who are facing childhood cancer and other illnesses, I appreciate how blessed my life is. I am thankful for the opportunity to help the MACC fund through my gift of time and enjoy working with the other volunteers.”

Annette B.

“My family and I treasure the time we volunteer for the MACC Fund.  It means a great deal to us to be able to serve the MACC Fund in any capacity.  We love giving back to an incredible foundation that has worked continuously to help children who have been affected by childhood cancer and blood disorders.”

CarolAnn B.

“I volunteer for the MACC Fund to honor my son’s fighting spirit. Not only does this organization fund life-saving research for our kids, but it funds life-improving activities and comfortable facilities for our MACC families at Children’s Wisconsin while going through treatments. Sadly, our son is no longer with us, but we will continue to fight so more children survive!”



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