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MACC Fund Drive to 35

Announcing Our #Driveto35 Initiative

At the close of 2019, the MACC Fund announced a commitment to fund two separate research acceleration projects launching in 2020; a $10 million commitment over five years in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center and the other a $25 million commitment over seven years in conjunction with the Medical College of Wisconsin and Children’s Wisconsin.  These gifts were the impetus for the creation of the #Driveto35 campaign, launching in 2020!

The scope of the project will heavily focus on immunotherapy and its potential to radically change the way cancer is treated over the next decade. With that, everyone’s support is crucial to the success of the two research acceleration initiatives.  Whether it’s through an event, foundation support, sponsorship, or personal donation—your gift will specifically help to support the following:

The #Driveto35 Initiative

Our new #Driveto35 campaign will accelerate the discovery of safer and more effective treatments in the fight against childhood cancer and related blood disorders, therefore improving the quality of life for children across Wisconsin, and the world.

“This is an important step forward for the MACC Fund, and we hope, for the world of childhood cancer and related blood disorders research,” says Becky Pinter, President & CEO of the MACC Fund. “This commitment is not just to support the many wonderful medical researchers and doctors that we are privileged to collaborate with; like everything that we do, it’s to support the brave children we meet every day.”

Research Acceleration at Children’s Wisconsin & Medical College of Wisconsin

Accelerated research at Children’s Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin will have three main focuses:

Foundational Research Development and Infrastructure

This will rely on advancing the research organization to accelerate therapeutic development from laboratory evaluations to clinical trials by investing in people, programs, and vital infrastructure.

Acceleration of Discoveries and Cures

Researchers will work to grow the discovery science areas focusing on immunotherapy, genetics and epigenetics which can lead to exciting research opportunities to advance therapies and treatments.

Innovative Healthcare Leading to Improved Outcomes

This will focus on creating new methods of healthcare delivery to improve quality of life for pediatric patients following treatment through research and evaluation of long-term side effects of therapies.

Research Acceleration at UW Carbone Cancer Center

The research acceleration at the UW Carbone Cancer Center will work to improve “bench to bedside treatments” through applied immunotherapy by expanding research impacts and securing critical resources. The immunotherapy studies will focus on four fields: CAR T Cells, NK and Gamma Delta T Cells, in situ cancer vaccines and immunotherapy combined with targeted radiotherapy.

Learn more about #Driveto35 research acceleration here.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

The MACC Fund’s mission is to find a CURE for pediatric cancer and related blood disorders by providing funding for research.  Over the past four decades, overall cure rates for pediatric cancer patients have risen from 20% to just over 80%, thanks to the MACC Fund and the many places like us who invest in research.  While wonderful progress has been made, we will not stop raising money and awareness until cure rates reach 100%.

The revolution of immunotherapy in recent years has presented an opportunity to treat kids better, safer, and faster—but much more needs to be discovered about it.  Treating kids through applied immunotherapy may potentially not only cure them of cancer but allow for a significantly improved quality-of-life post treatment, avoiding harmful protocols like radiation and chemotherapy.

Join us as we #Driveto35! Donate now and be a part of the movement:

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