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$60 Million MACC Fund Milestone for research support

June 28, 2017
News Release: $60 Million MACC Fund Milestone for research support
Group’s June research contributions take total donated since 1976 to over $60 million

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Contact: John Cary, Executive Director
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The MACC Fund, Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc., contributed $1,387,500 on June 27 to its three beneficiaries, the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center. These research contributions took the total of the MACC Fund’s contributions since its inception in 1976 to over $60 million.  The MACC Fund also made a research grant for $50,000 to The Marshfield Clinic in May to support the Clinic’s clinical trials.  The total which the MACC Fund has contributed to research since its founding in 1976 is $60,633,311.

The MACC Fund began on the retirement night of Jon McGlocklin from the Milwaukee Bucks. McGlocklin, MACC Fund President and Co-Founder, said “I have been asked many times if I could see what the MACC Fund would accomplish over the years and did I realize the impact it would have on the lives of children and their families. I could only hope that someday we would have given $60 million in the fight against childhood cancer and blood disorders helping cure rates to steadily increase for our children. Now we must continue to fight until all the kids live.”

The overall cure rate for childhood cancer has risen from 20% to 80% during the 40-year history of the MACC Fund.  The final 20% remains the goal understanding that even children in the 80% category can relapse and have “late effect” issues which require more research.

Eddie Doucette was the original “radio voice of the Milwaukee Bucks.” He later did Bucks television as well.  He is the MACC Fund’s Co-Founder and Honorary Vice President. His son Brett’s battle with leukemia as a toddler served as the impetus for the creation of the MACC Fund. Brett, an early MACC Fund “success story,” lives in California with his wife and daughter. Eddie Doucette noted “If someone would have suggested in 1976 that someday we would be able to contribute $60 million dollars specifically earmarked for research to eradicate pediatric cancers I would have thought it unfathomable. Back then the cure rate was 20%, today it’s over 80%. What a tremendous testimony this is to the way people in this region have supported the MACC Fund mission through the years. My sincere and heartfelt thank you goes to all who have made this milestone achievement possible.”

MACC Fund supported scientific research is conducted in the 6-story MACC Fund Research Center of the Medical College of Wisconsin and in the 14,000 square foot MACC Fund Childhood Cancer Research Wing of the Wisconsin Interdisciplinary Medical Research Center at the University of Wisconsin.  Translational, clinical based research is conducted in the MACC Fund Center of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Paul Knoebel, the Chairman of the MACC Fund’s Board of Directors since 2014, has been on the Board throughout most of its existence.  He observed: “From the beginning, the MACC Fund has been about life for kids.   We are humbled to have played a role helping to support research to ultimately help the children and their families whose lives have been touched by cancer and blood disorders. We could only have accomplished this thanks to the MACC Fund’s donors, sponsors, volunteers, board and staff.  There is still much more to do to reach 100% and to overcome relapses and “late effect” issues. Toward that end, the MACC Fund will keep doing its part continuing to count on its generous benefactors and friends for widespread support.”  

MACC Fund supported research in Wisconsin impacts the treatment and care of children battling cancer and blood disorders like aplastic anemia and sickle cell disease throughout the state, the nation and the world.

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