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You’re Not Alone: A Story from Supersib Micah

We know that childhood cancer affects the entire family. That’s why we want to share both the story of the child who is diagnosed and their siblings, or Supersibs. In this honest and insightful blog, Supersib Micah shares his own experience when his brother Isaac was diagnosed with cancer.

Micah’s Story

I am Micah Schneider and Isaac Schneider is my little brother. Isaac was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012. It was really hard when Isaac was going through cancer. I used to have to sleep at my grandmas when Isaac would have to go to the hospital and I did not really understand what he was going through because I was only 3 when it was all beginning.  It was hard to understand why I couldn’t be with my parents so often. Towards the end of his treatment I finally understood what was going on with Isaac and sometimes understanding more made it easier and sometimes it made it harder.

A year after he got sick, my mom had my sister. Having a baby was a lot of work for our family but we also enjoyed making her smile and that helped us smile, too. Sometimes playing fun games with her as she got older, helped me to forget what was going on. I knew I had to be strong for my sister when my parents would have to leave so I would do my best to just have fun and try to make her laugh. Laughing always seemed to make things easier.

You’re Not Alone

Sometimes I still get scared. I get scared because of what happened and that his cancer might come back. I try to talk to my parents and grandparents about what I am scared of when I need to talk. I try not to think about it but sometimes I really can’t help it.  It is really better to tell someone about it rather than keeping it in because keeping it in seems to make it worse.

If I were to talk to any kids who are going through this with their brother or sister, I would tell them to find someone they can trust and talk to them because nobody should have to go through it alone.

Share Your Story

If you or someone you know is the sibling of a childhood cancer or related blood disorder patient, we want to share that story! Your journey can inspire others to make a difference. Email us today at to share your experience on the MACC Fund blog.

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