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The MACC Fund’s $1,227,500 in research grants tops a big month for MACC

June was a momentous month for the MACC Fund, Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc. It sent its largest research contributions ever to its three beneficiaries, the Medical College of Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center. The cancer program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in the MACC Fund Center was ranked #14 by US News & World Report and Charity Navigator, the nation’s leading charity rating firm, gave the MACC Fund its highest “4 Star” rating.

The MACC Fund gave the Medical College of Wisconsin its quarterly budget payment of $427,500 taking the MACC Fund’s bequests to the College since 1977 to $39,248,725.  Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin received $375,000 from the biannual payment on a 10-year, $10 million pledge made in June, 2013. This brings the total given by the MACC Fund to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin since 2008 to $6,125,000.  The University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center received $400,000 for research grants for six different investigators bring the total given to the Center by the MACC Fund to $8,269,000 since 1985.

These three grants take the total funds contributed to research by the MACC Fund since 1977 to $53,465,907. The MACC Fund will contribute $3,050,000 to research at the aforementioned institutions this year. The MACC Fund has played an important role in helping the overall cure rate for childhood cancer to rise from 20% to 80% during this time yet children can relapse and have late effect issues which require more research.

The research the MACC Fund supports is conducted in the 141,000 square foot MACC Fund Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin, in the 14,000 square foot MACC Fund Childhood Cancer Research Wing in the Wisconsin Interdisciplinary Medical Research Center of the University of Wisconsin’s Carbone Cancer Center and in the MACC Fund Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

The #14 ranking for cancer care in the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin MACC Fund Center was one of 9 pediatric specialty awards for the hospital by US News & World Report.

Charity Navigator gave the MACC Fund its highest 4-Star rating. According to Charity Navigator, this 4-Star rating is based on sound fiscal management and commitment to accountability and transparency.  Approximately 25% of the charities it evaluates receive this ranking.  According to the Charity Navigator letter which accompanied the rating, “Charity Navigator is the nation’s premier charity evaluator evaluating ten times more charities than its nearest competitor and attracts more visitors to its website than all of the other charity rating groups combined.”

Jon McGlocklin, President and Co-Founder of the MACC Fund noted “The MACC Fund is honored to provide important financial support thanks to the generosity of its many benefactors. It is exciting to see this support translate into improved treatment and national recognition for quality cancer and blood disorders research performed in Wisconsin impacting the treatment of children throughout the state, the nation and the world. The 4-Star ranking by Charity Navigator which puts the MACC Fund among the nation’s top charities in terms of management and fiscal responsibility is our commitment to the generous donors who join us in believing that every child deserves a fighting chance.”

Contact Information

John Cary
Executive Director
MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc.)
10000 W. Innovation Dr., Suite 135

Milwaukee, WI 53226

Phone: (414) 955-5830
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