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MACC Fund Partners with the Ranch

Web Posted: Oct. 3, 2003

The MACC Fund is pleased to collaborate with Ranch Community Services of Menomonee Falls to further extend a gift of hope through research to children with cancer through vehicle donations.

Ranch Community Services supports innovative programs and community-integrated therapies for people with disabilities. One way the Ranch generates needed funds is through their vehicle donation program. Now you can help kids with cancer as well as people with disabilities by donating your drivable vehicle to the Ranch in name of the MACC Fund.

The donation of your drivable vehicle offers you a tax deduction and revenue to both the MACC Fund and Ranch Community Services. Proceeds from re-sale of vehicles support programs for developmentally disabled clients at The Ranch, as well as provide a special gift of hope to children with cancer through research.

The Ranch is a licensed dealer, offering all donation services: title transfers, tax deduction paperwork, donation receipt, and maintenance and resale of the vehicle. When you identify the “MACC Fund”, we will receive revenue from the sale of the vehicle and recognition as a program provider to the Ranch.

For more information about this unique collaboration of Milwaukee-based charities, please contact vehicle donation specialist Janel DeZarn of the Ranch at 262-251-8670, ext. 302.



Contact Information

Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc.
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Milwaukee, WI 53226
Toll Free: 1-800-248-8735
Phone: 414-456-5830
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