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Bucks, MACC Fund Team Up To Battle Childhood Cancer

Bucks, MACC Fund Team Up To Battle Childhood Cancer

MILWAUKEE – A raucous crowd filled the Bradley Center Friday night for the annual MACC Fund game. Since 1977 the fundraising event has allowed the MACC fund to raise $1.3 million for the battle against childhood cancer.

During Friday’s event, young cancer patients were the guests of honor. Ten-year-old Noah Polzin is battling leukemia. He got to serve as the pre-game public address announcer. Before that important task, he provided TODAY’S TMJ4 with some Milwaukee Bucks background.

“They’re just a good team,” Noah said knowingly. “And, my favorite player is Andrew Bogut.”

Ryan Polzin was all smiles as he watched his son having the time of his life.

“Even though he’s still sick, he’s really enjoying getting through this,” Polzin said. “In about a month he’ll be done with treatment.”

During a brief pre-game ceremony, Noah’s hero presented a game ball to three-year-old Liam Merz. Liam has been battling leukemia since June. The boy’s father is appreciative of all the MACC fund does.

“It means confidence,” Mark Merz said as little Liam rested on his shoulder. “We’re getting the treatment that we know is the best in the world really.”

While there was much to smile about at Friday’s entertaining event, the trauma of childhood cancer was apparent too. Crystal Ayala’s heart broke every time she watched her son endure treatments for his cancer. Three-year-old Jonathan Marquez is in remission now.

“Five rounds of chemotherapy, several spinal taps, bone marrow aspirations,” she says running down the list.

For more information on how you can help battle childhood cancer visit the MACC fund website:

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