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A Lifelong Battle: Maurice’s Story

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but it has presented unique challenges for children with cancer and blood disorders. With limited contact and numerous appointments, children like Maurice and their families have struggled. In November 2020, Maurice faced a pain crisis and an extremely low blood count which required a blood transfusion to treat, which was only made more difficult by necessary Covid protocols.

Due to the dangers presented by disease transmission and Maurice’s weakened immune system, his mother June has been quarantining him since February 2020. Thankfully, Maurice, June and their family have adapted well to the situation. Maurice has become interested in Legos, computers, and engineering. “Maurice is creative, amazingly brave, bright, and lovable”, said June.

Learn more about Maurice, his journey, and what the MACC Fund means to their family from his godmother.

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Maurice's Story

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